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Welcome to The Virtual Shed, a virtual assistant service providing relief in helping you gain back control of your life when you need it the most!    I am dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with their overwhelmed tasks at hand. If it is time for you to take back control of your life, then think no more and click the button below so we can chat!

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About The Virtual Shed

The Virtual Shed was created as an outsourcing resource to help you with your administrative business building needs.

My primary role is supporting sole-preneurs and businesses wither they are small or great with all their administrative tasks.

Here you will find a full set of virtual services located under one roof that can help you get your life back on track! Ask yourself these questions?

How many soccer games or dance recitals have you missed?

When was the last time you sat down for a family dinner prepped in the kitchen? 

Are you sitting at your desk till the wee hours of the night?

When did you put your rosy checked baby girl to bed last with a bed time story?

If you have answered with the following “I can’t remember or more than I can count”, then you my friend have answered your own question. Do I need a virtual assistant? That answer is YES!   



The Virtual Shed – and what it can do!

Below you will find a list of services I can offer in three different packages. These packages are customizable. If there is something you are interested in and don’t see it listed please reach out! I am always eager to help! 

Light bookkeeping
Email Management
Payment & Invoicing
Calendar Management
Customer Service (email, phone calls)
How to Posts- Instruction Manuals, Quick Reference Guides
Data Entry
Resume Writing
Excel Spreadsheets
Powerpoint Presentations


  • Option: 1-4 tasks
  • Hours: Minimal 10hrs per month
  • Rate: $250 per month


  • Option: 5-8 tasks
  • Hours: Minimal 15hrs per month
  • Rate: $375 per month


  • Option: 8-12 tasks
  • Hours: Minimal 20hrs per month
  • Rate: $460 per month
* Hours do not roll over
* Hours are valid on a 30 day basis
*Retainer pricing available upon request
* Additional hours will be charged at $30 per hour, or  you may be upgraded to the next package

A little about me

Hello & Welcome

I’m Daisy, the founder of The Virtual Shed and I’m excited you are here! I am a happily, married, dog mom whom shares her love of adventure seeking and coffee with her best friends in the hopes we can become just as close.  

I love all things tech and look for all the ways in which it can make the every day hustle and bustle of life so much easier! 

I have combined my love for the virtual space and tech world with learning new things and helping others by being exceptionally organized and have turned them into my very own business.  

I hope we are a perfect fit! If so, just click below and lets talk about how I can help take some of your everyday stress off your shoulders! 

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